The Ghosts of Monsieur et Madame Eugène Hamel
Ajna (आज्ञा)
Voodoo Spell
Till Death Do Us Part
Slept Through The War
A Separation
I Will See You In My Dreams
Eternal Devotion
A series of digital photo manipulations based on a vintage photograph of a mystery couple.
The photo comes from Covent Garden market in London. I have often fantasised about what life might have been for this rather kind-looking couple, and the bond they might have shared.
From left to right:
I. The Ghosts of Monsieur et Madame Eugène Hamel II. Ajna (आज्ञा), featured in the June 2016 issue of the free Italian magazine ILLUSTRATI III. Voodoo Spell, featured in the Grim Zine edition 15 Autumn/Winter 2019, by dark artist Roberto Segate IV. Till Death Do Us Part V. Slept Through The War VI. A Separation VII. I Will See You In My Dreams VIII. Eternal Devotion IX. Endless​​​​​​​
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